The Phenomena of Zombies


I am a zombie, crazy people, pyscho-mutated human movie genre fan. It seems recently there have been more and more movies concerning zombies and it has made me wonder why this has happened and what we, as non-zombie humans get out of watching zombie movies.

The nature of the zombies in different movies is usually slightly different. From Zombieland’s mad cow to mad human explanation to Serenity’s (Zombie = Reaver) government experiment reason. The zombies all have the mad urge to eat other people to sustain themself.

A quick google search of “Zombie Philosophy” brings a number of sites that ponder this topic. I will briefly throw my opinions on why zombie movies have been so popular.

  • The Loss Of Self: In today’s hyper-real society, everyone is expected to maintain a social network page, a reachable phone number and they must respond back within 24 ours. The zombies!? They just eat people.
  • Primal Instinct: The urge for carnal gratification is released upon becoming a zombie. This urge is obviously frowned upon in non-zombie society.
  • Tangible Fear: In today’s world of 24/7 news cycles and unlimited information, it can get to be too much information. The fear embedded in this information creates a paranoia amongst some. Everywhere dangers are thought to exist. But there is no real tangible danger in everyday life. A zombie trying to gnaw at you is that danger.

All of what I talked about centered on one primary thing, the urge of modern humanity to simplify. The zombie represents the base level of humanity and emotions (gone wrong).


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