Life in the Cloud

Looking at my life, I realized that I own few actual things, rather I rent it or rely on “The Cloud” for my needs. In this case, I refer to the cloud as a collective of people sharing, rather than owning goods. Not necessarily cloud computing.

Of course people have been living with rented things for decades, but new technology has enabled people to get goods and services without relying on the traditional model of ownership. It occurred to me that doing this is likely more sustainable.

So I thought I would list the various ways that a person can live “Life in the Cloud” or living without having tangible ownership of an item.

Pandora – music in the cloud.

Netflix – movies in the cloud.

Car2Go – share a car.

Bike Sharing – share a bike.

CouchSurfing – loan out your couch.

BookMooch – trade books.

Wikipedia – collective information.

SwapASkill – swap your skills with others.

Google Apps – applications and more in the cloud.

Any other ways that people can enjoy material things without “owning” them?


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